O Naturel believes in the purity of the ingredients. Stemming from ancestral traditions of the Middle East, we share with you its well-kept secrets. Allow yourself an unparalleled immersion in a fully hydrating and regenerating oasis. Whether you have combination, dry or oily skin, our versatile products are suitable for all skin and hair types.
Treat yourself to the ultimate quintessence by applying the purest products to your body for an incredibly radiant complexion. With O Naturel products, we promise you natural and 100% organic ingredients because we know you deserve the best! We also make sure that our products are free of chemicals and animal cruelty.
O Naturel was inspired by a woman's vision for a line of pure, natural, and traditionally wise skin care products. A line of products that combine the health and beauty secrets of yesteryear. Did you know that? Oils are part of the oldest beauty rituals! Their use dates to ancient Egypt, when Cleopatra coated her body with oil to nourish and protect her skin.
We sincerely believe that the beauty of every being begins with taking care of oneself. Allow yourself a royal treatment with the O Naturel line of products!
We sincerely believe that the beauty of every being begins with self-care. Thus, allow yourself a royal treatment with the O Naturel product range!
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O Naturel is inspired by ancestral practices while respecting the nature of the raw materials used. As in the virgin forests of the Amazon, you will find the wild state of pure and 100% organic ingredients.
O Naturel - Nos valeurs - Pure beauty
Reveal your true nature! In perfect harmony with Mother Earth, all our products are pure, ethical and in harmony with the wildlife. Every being counts and we are proud to remain true to our roots.
O Naturel - Nos valeurs - Oasis of abondance
Immerse yourself completely in an oasis of nourishing hydration. Bathe your entire being with a combination of ingredients and sumptuous formulas from ancestral traditions dating back to the Nile.


The emancipation of a woman from an overseas promise

O Natural is the essence of a woman, of a shared vision. The birth of hard work that has borne fruit after many years.

It is also a promise that has been fulfilled since her earliest childhood. Sarah Chahal, the founder of O Naturel, had always been fascinated by the secrets of the Middle East and the astonishing virtues of the ingredients used. Every year, she crossed the Atlantic to reach her native country. Every year, she would meet a lady renowned for her miraculous ancestral treatments. Recognized by all, she was THE reference in beauty treatment. Curious to learn more and more, the lady shared her secrets with her, without suspecting that one day, the challenge to young Sarah really took shape on another continent!
The formula developed by O Naturel contained all 7 of the lady's base oils and, with further research into the virtues of the oils, the final formula now contains more than 14! Sapphire, one of O Naturel's flagship products, enters the modest Middle East boutique, much to the delight of the lady who shared the same vision as our founder.